Impluse Interests

Do you find yourself wanting to do EVERYTHING that interests you? or BUY everything that interests you? Supermarkets are great at this, putting little items near the cashier to get you to buy it on impulse? or at a clothes stores, or at a computer store? There are so many different items/ideas to get hooked on in an instant.

I’ve heard people mention that in today’s society we have very low attention span, low patience. We decide to committ to certain things on an impulse like “oh I’d like to do that, or I’d like to buy it” and then after we learn that things are not so interesting, it is dropped. We are busy with many different things but we can never COMMIT to anything. It’s like we want to do everything, but not determined enough to work to get it.

I’m just wondering if I’ve overcommitted myself in my life. Looking at my schedule, I aim to do as many things as I find useful and enjoyable (even if it’s doing nothing). I do get a lot of invitations that I have to consider if I want to committ to. Here’s an example:.

For you Toastmaster people, I just cannot accept ALL evaluation or judge invitations, especially if my main role is a leadership position, like division governor. As much as I’d love to attend them all, I have to consider my priorities, which is now for the Division. The dangerous thing is to accept invitations on impulse.

Another of my growing interests is music, especialy Salsa music…especially dancing to salsa music. I frequently look at places to learn and places to practice. I’ve decided in my mind that I do want to commit to learning this skills and I am willing to put in more than 1 day a week. The question is, how much is enough, how much can I committ? I just started up salsa again 2 months ago I am wondering (as I usually do) if it is one of those passing interests, an impulse interest. Well, so far so good, I haven’t lost motivation yet.

Picking the right career is something that occupies my mind frequently. From time to time I get different ‘ideas’ on what would be a career I’m passionate about. Since starting my ‘hiatis’, some of those ‘ideas’ have been Change Management consultant, Talent Management, Hospitality / Services trainer, Enterpreneur, and now to Career Management…and this could go on. These names I just mentioned are just some interests that came to my mind out of nowhere, maybe from reading a book or browsing the internet. Maybe one of these could be something I’m interested in…geniunly.

I’ve realized that many people find their ‘calling’ or passion but not by picking it from a list of possible career paths, but by discovering it. Some may find it in the new, but many find that they have always had it within them, and that they’ve been ignoring it all along and it’s just a matter of letting it surface. That news is comforting as I too am doing what I can to let my calling surface, and I’m not worried about how long it will take, even if it seems others are getting ahead of me in their life. I think I’ve come to terms with that. I just know that it’s going to happen one day. And it’s not going to be out of impulse, it’s going to be REAL.


Isn’t it time for an update?

Sleeping, Visiting, Eating, Nothing, and Sleeping.

That about sums up what has been going on the past few days. Some notable things I’ve done:

I’ve gone to a Toastmaster’s meeting! It was an exciting, enlightening and enriching experience. There were some parts of the TM meet which I have never seen before. Parts like

  • The Toast: where there’s an actual toast to the meeting, which follows by a drinking a glass of water.
  • Inspiration: a person tells a short 1 or 2 minute inspiring story
  • Smile Story: a person tells a story that leaves a smile
  • QuizMaster: this person asks questions at the end of the meeting based on what what said during people’s speeches (to make sure people were listening…and to aid learning, of course).
  • There is also someone who introduces the guests of the meeting

For those who assumed that native speakers are eloquent speakers…you have just made an Ass out of U and ME. Though there were some amazing speakers there, there were a few who had a million pause fillers, and a few who had difficulty evaluating (ie. not empowering).

Overall, I loved it! I went for coffee afterwards and chatted with the members there. Great fellowship (even though everyone left after 45 minutes.). For more information on their club, visit their site:

More update to follow soon! I just have to get the pictures downloaded on my computer.