A Hot Night at the Esplanade!


Posing right before the performance

Don’t let the tube tops and the short shorts distract you! (I’m in the back on the right side)

A few days ago my dance school performed at the Esplanade’s Forecourt to kick start the “Da:ns Festival” with hot latin dance! We worked very hard over 2 months to put on 12 dances that evening. I danced in 2 dances – one Salsa and one Bachata. It was quite an experience for me because it was my first dance performance. The last 2 weeks was the most stressful because I had to learn a whole new dance choreography almost from scratch, and to perform it smoothly and technically correct.  I quite enjoyed the training so early into my Salsa dancing journey because it strengthened my basic technique and showmanship.

The performance itself was very nerve-wrecking! I didn’t mean to get nervous but I did. Even though I knew my steps inside and out, i forget 2 sets of moves (to the horror of my partner) during the performance because of nerves. Though I was able to get back quickly, I’m glad I went through that hick-up as it only made me more determined to get more performance experience so I can perform just like it was socially at a club (which I used to be terrified before!)

Salsa has really become the highlight of my day, everyday. I wake up excited to improve myself in Salsa. I know it’s a great way to meet woman, but that’s not really what makes it so enjoyable. The great part is improving slowly bit by bit and learning something new everyday.

I know my wise boss Adam Khoo once said that in order to be the best at something, you must be OBSESSED with it. I guess I found something I’m obsessed with. I do want to be the best at this. Not sure how good I want to get, but I guess making a name for myself would be a good start.

I should really thank the ACTFA and Xenbar (the place where I take lessons from) for teaching me and pushing me to improve, and most importantly of all, for giving me a platform for me to passion to good use.

It’s been great the last few months. I’ve really improved!

My next performances are in December! Stay tuned!



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