One this is certain…Salsa!


I just came back from 5 hours of dancing to salsa bachtta and merengue music. I’m still working hard in my journey in Salsa and at least I’m happy to be sure of one thing: I must get better!

According to’s article by Josie Neglia called “6 Levels of Salsa” I consider myself at level 2:

Level 2
The man and lady are now dancing in time to the music while doing basic patterns and variations.

and level 6 being:

Level 6
The ULTIMATE LEVEL…when it all comes together.  This is when the dancers become  “the physical instruments” of the music.  If a deaf person were to watch them dance, he/she could SEE the music through their movements and interpretation.  …and it goes on…

The article can be found here

So there’s a while go go, but it’s ok I just started! I’m a beginner who’s got the motivation to become better.

A lot of my drive to become better lies that guys in Salsa have it a lot tougher. Check this diagram out by Edie the Salsa Freak :

beginner\'s diagram

Guys in order to get through the beginner’s hell stage, need lots more time to practice..meaning lots more time of suffering. Right now I’m suffering…lots. Regrettably stepping on toes, screwing up the flow of the dance with ill-time leads but despite all this, I’m determined to get through this phase..unto that upward sloping portion where the man’s salsa growth is exponential. And during that stage his level will increase so fast because he knows he can hold his own dance and adequately lead the girl. I can’t wait for that. It’s getting better slowly. Hopefully by November / December, 6 month’s from now, I can hold my own in Salsa, and maybe even make a few ladies smile.

Practice Practice Practice…even though it’s so scary!


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