A new life…where to start?

It’s funny how when I plan for my career, it rarely turns out the way I plan it to.

Last we heard, I was still working.

That’s right – was.

I’m taking a short break from my day job to enjoy life more (which is rocking!) and take in the beauty it provides.

I just came back from Perhentian Island in Northern Malaysia (close by the Thai border) with some friends from back at home. It was breath-taking experience taking in the crystal clear waters, lush jungle forests, and the delightfully relaxing (and cooling) chalets.

My decision to go to Perhentian was last minute. I had no idea what I was going to do this week, but because I am not working, I’m open to anything, especially traveling. I kind of like the idea to just decide on the spot to go. Perhaps I’ve been so involved with activities like salsa, toastmasters, and of course training that I resisted traveling over long periods of time. My excuse – “I have commitments” I would tell my friends. I do! I am responsible for many things here in SG! I’m not like many of my expat friends who don’t get involved in the community at the level I am in. To most of them it’s all about partying, and traveling. Sacrifices need to be made. This is the life I chose.

I can’t help but wonder by not choosing to work (especially at something I can get pretty good at) am I running away from something? Perhaps running away from putting my precious time into a day job…for someone else’s benefit? The dreaded 9 to 6 day! Actually, yes I am running away from it. My tolerance for doing something for someone has become something easily irritable. Why quickly move on to something else? My reason is simple:

To be in my Element, and Be My Best.

I’m still searching for my element, that place where I belong, that place where I can shine, that place where I love. Just like the Magical Mr. Magorium (go look it up) and to quote the movie Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium “Life is an Occasion, Rise to it.”

How true. How true.

Looking forward to the next occasion.


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