And the favor continues! and continues!

Ever wake up, sleepily check your watch and say, “OH SHIT! I’m LATE!”

Well that was exactly what I said to myself this morning as I realized I had missed out on my alarm clock and had overslept TWO HOURS! I had to wake up early because I had to set up for a workshop and there were many people counting on me to set up. I was supposed to be arrive at the venue at 715am and be set up by 745am to receive participants by 8am.

I woke up (to my horror) at 815am!

I was surprised no one had called me to ask me where I was. So I scrambled out my door 5 minutes later, lugging behind me all my workshop equipment. Here’s the good part:

There was a cab waiting outside for me (I booked one 5 minutes earlier), I got to the venue in 10 minutes as it happens to be near my house, the room where the workshop was supposed to be held was locked and the organizers couldn’t open it up, so they were waiting for a key. It now is 830pm, the programme is supposed to start now. Another good news for me, the trainer was late because he was feeling ill and got out of bed slowly. Soon the door to the room was open. And I started setting up all my equipment for the workshop. I had enough time and help from the participants to get all the things set up in 20 minutes. The trainer still did not arrive yet. I got the participants to fill out some forms to keep them busy. Finally the trainer arrived 45 minutes after the programme was supposed to start. Yay, being late didn’t turn out to be a disaster after all. (for those reading this from my company…keep this to yourself, thanks!)

So the favor continues for another day!

I was also fortunate enough meet an old friend who’s now in the recruitment line and he shared with me some tips about my advancing in my career given my current ambitions. Did clear up some questions I had.

I also said good bye to my 2 house mates who are leaving for India and Indonesia. They have been great company and I will miss them.

I’m also grateful to be meeting people who I have so much in common, sharing similar childhood memories, and future ambitions. Cherishing friendships are so rewarding.

Thank God for another day of favor.


One thought on “And the favor continues! and continues!

  1. Amazing how you can get out of the house in 5 minutes and still maintain your normally well-groomed self! I don’t think I can ever do that! Thank God for the perfect timing!

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