And the favour continues!

I happened to catch this guy’s concert in Singapore just a few hours ago…

It was an very enjoyable concert (photos coming soon)! Great music and the James was a great performer who interacted with the crowd (yay he knows we exist!). But what is more interesting is how I ended up at the concert.

I am extremely grateful for all the favourable things that’s happened recently. A month ago, I won a free photo shoot session from filling a survey a few weeks earlier. Here’s one of the pictures that came out of it.

It was a ‘fantasy’ photo shoot, so they put a costume on me and make up. Hehe it was so fun!

I’ve also be fortunate to be able to consult many of my close friends for advice in this time of self-searching. I’m very grateful for that. It’s becoming more clearer now.

My latest good fortune has been attending concert. How I got there is quite an interesting story. Yesterday I happen to be in the office after hours doing some work and chatting a colleague. Everyone had already left the office except my colleague, myself and other head of division. As he was going home he casually asked if anyone wanted James Blunt tickets? Without hesitation and without checking if I was free I stretch out my hand and accepted the tickets. And so I was handed the tickets.

Unfortunately I found out that I had a work meeting that was scheduled for the next day afternoon was pushed back to the evening, and clashed with the concert. Fortunately I was able to meet earlier for an earlier briefing.

To make a long story short, after much searching and asking, I finally found someone who wanted to go to the concert (and happened to be a big James Blunt fan at the same time) and it was the right choice.

At the concert, much to our delight, the seats were the 13th row from the stage…which were amazing seats! I heard these seats can fetch up $140+ per seat. We were close enough to see James’s face clearly (which is important you know) and were near the aisle so we could run up to the state (which we did during ‘You are Beautiful’)

To sum up: Simply Amazing!! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and enjoy the company. And all this couldn’t have happened if wasn’t blessed with such favour. Thanks God!


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