Big changes means a big update

I just came back from an amazing trip in China. The purpose of the trip was to meet all my friends again and just hang out with them. It wasn’t so much about sight seeing or shopping, but really it was about meeting old friends. We came from all over the world, Canada, Germany, Singapore, other parts of China, Japan for one simple thing: to attend my friend’s wedding in China. I’ve known this guy since 2004 (though i haven’t seen him for most of it) during university days. All the people that flew in to attend the wedding have known him during university. He always loved Chinese girls, he had yellow fever…so it was great news that he was getting married to a, well you guessed it, a Chinese girl from China.

The whole marriage experience I will never forget. The wedding took place in the semi-remote island of Pintan close by Taiwan which is where my friend’s wife is from. We chartered a bus from Fuzhou airport and took the ferry over to get to the island. Everything was taken care of by the bride’s parents: transport, food, accommodation, gifts..heh I think I saved a lot of money because of them. We were treated like VIP guests Pintan style. Pintan is a relatively small town, it’s not a village because it has lots of shops and clubs, but it used to be a fishing village. The wedding part consisted of some ritual at the bride’s house and a precession to the restaurant for the wedding ceremony, a big feast and speeches. My friend’s wedding vow was long because it had to be translated to Mandarin, but still it was touching even though my friends thought it was too long.

It’s weird seeing my friends getting married because I’m so used to seeing everyone being a student…and unwed. I guess i have to get used to people referring to their partners as ‘my wife’ or ‘my husband’. I guess it is a sign of changing times.

After Pintan a few of us went travelling to Fuzhou Guangzhou Shenzhen and then finally to HK. It was a great time to bond with old friend and to enjoy the natural marvels and man-made marvels of China. I particularly enjoyed traveling on the train between Shenzhen and Guangzhou because the train was new and it was very fast compared to what I’ve taken in the past.

Hong Kong was expensive as usual. The food and the accommodation was expensive but this was ok because for the last few days we had our accommodation paid for by other people. We went to the Big Buddha temple, kareoke and for lots of dim sum.

It all went by so fast, all this happened in 7 days. At the end of it, I was sad (though I didn’t show it) to leave my friends who I shared so many laughs with. I was sad to leave such an enjoyable vacation back to reality with it’s never ending challenges.

You can check out the photos of me in China on my Facebook account. Just look at the photo’s added by others and check out their album if you can.


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