Sleepless nights

My mind was so active today…so many ideas in my mind makes me very excited. Working on the career workshop project, a pet project i’ve been working on and off for the past few weeks.

I’ve also been watching very inspirational videos from TED

There are hundreds of short presentations about the great things people are doing and contributing back to society. It inspires me to start contributing back. Just like the famous saying ‘the more you give the more you’ll get back in return.’

I’ve been keeping my mind occupied because of the slowdown in training this month. This has turned out to be a huge blessing for me.

There has been a lot of events going on outside of work: Toastmaster contests which I’m heavily involved in, AIESEC events which I still continue to support, salsa, and now some side income generating projects. One of them is designing a website and a email template for a friend’s business. Another is the social entrepreneurship project to help young people become effective leaders in the professional world through workshops and coaching. It’s slowly building up. I’ve just allocated time to conduct a workshop about my project in May during an International AIESEC Conference on Social Entrepreneurship. It’s a great place to kick start the project. I’m also working on completing a Ebook about Hypnosis with my friend. Once each project is done, I can start seeing alternate sources of income…but that’s really not the goal of it…I’ve discovered something even more valuable.


Working on these side projects where I’m building something, creating plans, generating ideas and working hard to complete it makes me feel so alive. Like there’s so much more to life now. Just fantasizing about how massive and how successful the project will become keeps me up all these nights.

And there is no fear in diving into these side quests because it’s all new to me, it’s all an amazing learning experience…I’m waiting for things to go in unexpected ways, I’m waiting to learn from them and I’m willing to grow through these experiences.

I find that by doing many other things outside work, work becomes less stressful because my life doesn’t revolve around it. There are now many ways I can be an effective contributer to society and be greatly appreciated at the same time.

Tomorrow is another trainers audition. 2 of my friends are auditioning and I know they’ve worked very hard to prepare. Whether they get in or not…doesn’t matter (though I do feel that they deserve it) they have stayed focused on what they wanted and just went for it.

Let’s see if the universe answers their request…


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