Yummy Salsa!

Yah, so finally after much delay, I’ve enrolled myself in Salsa classes. I’ve already had lessons before a few months ago, as well as when i was in college. It’s good to ‘relearn’ salsa from the basics because I have formed some bad habits over the years. If i’m going to learn salsa, might as well learn it the proper way.

Salsa class was predominantly female. There was about 1 guy for every 2.5 girls, and the class was about 20 people. Where all the guys went…i dunno. One of my classmates said that she believes Singaporean guys are very ‘conservative’. So they believe salsa is too feminine for them (ie. they don’t want to look gay). I think there were only 2 singaporean guys out of the 6 guys that were there. So more girls is good…it’s very good for a one simple reason: we guys will get more practice. We MUST get more practice because in any dance involving 2 people, the guy MUST lead.

I’ll be honest, the reason why I don’t go out and for social salsa-ing is because the guy must know how to lead the girl…and I have high expectations for myself. I don’t mind going out for clubbing and there happens to be salsa music, the expectation is lower because not many people know how to salsa. If I go to a salsa club, then there are more people who are skilled in the dance. So that’s why I’m working from the basics to basic competence…and so forth from that.

I have no idea why some guys think that salsa is less masculine. Is it because he must shake his hips? I can’t think of any other reason that make guys look less guy. On the other hand, learning how to dance salsa makes him even MORE of a man. He moves as one with the woman; he leads her with confidence and she follows. Simply amazing. I probably think it’s a dream of every woman to be in a passionate dance with a handsome man and to be swept off her feet. I don’t know if it’s true, but I won’t mind sweeping a girl off her feet!

I met some interesting people at the class. After class I got to know a few of them better: a guy from Canada who works at NUS, his colleague from Malaysia who studied in Australia, and a girl studied in Canada for 2 years. Since we are going to be touching er I mean dancing with each other, might as well be friends.

Oh yah so much fun!


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