Step it up one more level!

While I was waiting to upgrade my phone software from Windows 5 to 6, I had to kill 4 hours ( dunno why the shop takes so long) so I caught a movie what was highly recommended by my participants at my last workshop. Step Up 2. It was an enjoyable movie about how background and school doesn’t matter in defining who you are in your life. A good lesson to tell my kids in training.

Step it up a notch!
I’ve decided to go for the trainer’s training course in July. I’ve applied for leave and waiting for approval (it’s my own personal leave and my own money).

Now I’ve realized it’s not so much about going to this course and learning, it’s about dreaming bigger and going bigger things. If the life of a trainer has taught me anything is that, time is precious, use it wisely. I have a more flexible schedule and a more dynamic environment which has stimulated my entrepreneurial drive.

Bigger dreams means I need to increase my income and to increase my net worth. I’m already earning at least twice what i’ve earned last year (while working less hours), so I’m looking to work for other people too doing coaching and training mostly. It’s time to do more business related activities.

One thing I’m considering is coaching/training on Career related matters. Every day I hear about people not happy about their jobs or wanting to move to higher positions but they don’t know how to do it. I can coach them or train them to be able to move to where they want to go in their career. This i know has big potential. I just haven’t done anything about it for a few months. I don’t know if i should start with training or coaching and how big or small to start. But yes, this is something I’m considering.

The point is, I can do so much more, and i can get so much more than Im receiving now. I’m reading Donald Trump’s book ‘The Art of the Deal’. He dreams big, and he receives big. I need to make a name for myself. Show that I can create a lot of value in the market. So I have to make my move soon. Enough waiting.


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