I was lookig forward to seeing this movie since it debuted on well…the 29th of february. For a Singaporean film, it was beautifully done and splendidly enjoyable. Go read the plot yourself, I don’t want to explain it.

The movie spoke to me on so many levels. I admit i was quite emotional during the movie because i could see myself as the protagonist. In some ways i do feel like i’m passing over opportunities in the area of love and relationships…like i’m always pursuing that ‘one’. There will be times I will feel like I’m walking this path of life alone. Always waiting. There are times where I do meet people that ‘distract’ me from waiting and i do wonder when i can stop waiting.

The film also talked about patience. Some people are willing to wait forever that one. Yes it is torturous at times, and may require a giant leap of faith. But the payoff when the wait is finally over…it’s a heavenly feeling!

Life is a journey. Be patient and enjoy the journey.


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