Weekend’s come and gone…but has left me with a smile.

This weekend was a socializing weekend.

On friday I went out visit AIESECers at TeaJoy. I haven’t been there in ages! The company was great as usual. Afterwards went to listen to jazz. Boy, did I miss listening to jazz. There’s just something magical about live jazz or latin music that sets my heart ablaze. Makes me wonder…when am I actually going to commit to learning latin dance… After march i will learn! I will be doing a lot of self improvement seminars and learning how to dance is just one of them.

This is Imran, Vasudha, and I outside TJ


Speaking of dancing, I had a wonderful time on saturday. It started with predrinking at one of the Dutch intern’s house. Chatted, and drank with familiar and fresh faces. Went to a lounge party for a few hours…chatted some more then headed to St. James Power Station. Now usually I don’t enjoy going to clubs, but St. James is an exception…and the company I had were the right type (FUN!). The band was awesome awesome. I think they were from Brazil and their sound (and the female singers’ clothes) were TIGHT. Simply said…I had a rocking night. And I managed to stay there for more than 3 hours (until 330 am) and not even feel tired at all! A big part of the fun was because of the company. Thanks Adeel, Janine, Melody, Shirley, and Ivan (still in luv?).

Life is a journey, enjoy every step.

I’m going to enjoy more aspects of my life (not just only work) and excel in all the areas. I don’t mind if I move slower in improving than others, at least I’m improving! It’s my journey.


One thought on “Weekend’s come and gone…but has left me with a smile.

  1. i felt compelled to leave some words here.. gez catching up with u again will be smtg.
    Reads like you crave more learnings so that you can fulfil ur id as a trainer.
    Yet u also want to stay in touch with the old circle of friends as well, right Dave?
    like any job, there is always such a qn of employability unless u are in my industry, I agree with not attaching too much to a job, as well as upgrading urself and stay employable!
    S$5500 is seriously not expensive. Becos if expensive, u are comparing against what?
    Normal seminar fees?
    Or an entire “university-standard” education/degree?
    With that, u are a certified NLP TRAINER! IT LEADS TO UR GOAL!


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