A Social (Sleeping?) Animal?

There was a time I thought I liked to go out  drinking  just let loose and have fun?

Where did those days go?

Recently I had a choice to go between a workshop and going drinking out with friends. I chose the workshop. Maybe other people my age would slap me in the face for being a workoholic. How can i say ‘no’ to a learning opportunity? Maybe it’s my mindset of CANI Constant And Never ending Improvement. But I can learn while i drink right? Am I holding on too long to the dream? Are there times where i can just relax?

It seems like my expat friends hold very different lives than me. There are no shortages of parties and excursions (and money) for them. Every night seems like a wild night. Wild means fun? means memorable? was it an experience worth having?

I have another choice to go to Bintan or attend a 2 day Toastmasters workshop? To me, I put my existing commitments first, which is toastmasters. I can learn there, network and have fun there. But going to Bintan offers me something else: release. I would be doing something out of the usual for me. Wouldn’t that be so exciting?

At the beginning of the year I promised myself I would go travelling more often with friends rather than focus on work 24/7. I am passionate about what I do, and don’t mind spending the extra hours. I also believe in work/life balance. Can I be passionate about something that I can put it on hold so I can rest? ‘ Should be. But there’s always the guild of not improving fast enough. Patience.

I’m thinking of the people I hang around. These people affect how I spend my free time and how i set my priorities.

Mostly Singaporean. Young. Mid-20’s to early 30’s. Ambitious. Self Improvement junkies. Sticks with their own small group.

Gosh this is me. This is what I’ve become. This is the cycle. Is the focus or complacency?

maybe for things to become exciting for me,  I need to do things differently more often.

Go clubbing, go to bars, travel, meet new people, get a GF…what is it I need?

Wheres the excitement? Where’s the challenge? Where are u? Bring it on! I’m looking for u.

This concludes my orderly randomness.


2 thoughts on “A Social (Sleeping?) Animal?

  1. You may be able to derive some temporary enjoyment by going clubbing or hanging out in a bar getting yourselves drunk silly. What about the headache and the emptiness when you get sober? Then what else to do? Going back to the same cycle and getting drunk all over again? What else after that? It is a waste of life.

    This should not be the type of life that one should be pursuing. For me, I would rather be a self-improvement junkie as you call it. But I thought that sounded pretty cool. Life is short and time is forever running out. I’m trying my very best to be racing against time to stuff myself with as much knowledge as possible. You may not know when you would need it some day. Better to start accumulating your wealth of knowledge before regretting it the day you need to use it.

    Maybe you should start thinking how to motivate your expat friends to join the toastmasters movement. Who knows? A life may be changed.

  2. WanTing says:

    Hey David,

    I think what u chosen to do is not wrong; you are doing what u like even though is different from your peers. On the other hand, for your peers they like enjoying life with clubbing and parties. To make it sound cliché, “Life is not a race, but a journey to be savored each step of the way’, as long as you are enjoying what you are doing, why bother when u are doing it differently? Enjoy life to the fullest, so that when u grow old and look back one day, you’ll be glad that you don’t leave any regrets. =)

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