A week well spent learning

Phew it’s all over! Another week has gone by super fast.

Last week I was mostly observing training and waiting (patiently) for my next training. I had to focus my mind constantly to make the most out of my time. Over the weekend I discovered that I wouldn’t be training but coaching. I was honestly very worried that I wouldn’t get enough time to train and improve on my skills.

“If you want something, go out and get it.”

So I called another trainer who was scheduled to train with me to ask if I could training something…anything! The fear of being stagnant and even worse, fall behind the growth of other trainers pushed me on to convince them to give me a shot to train. Despite the concerned voices, I was allowed to train a few hours over the course of the camp. Furthermore, I was training ALL new segments sometimes just with an hour preparation. The class was a “Normal Technical” or a less-academically-advantaged class, with a reputation for being rowdy. It would be my 1st time training these kids of students…all new content.

It was an experience without any regrets.

What did I learn? Well I learned how kinesthetic learning behave. They prefer to move around when they learn, and love hands on activities and sitting on the floor. They were very much in touch with their emotions, and easily expressed it. They also were very engaged during reflection sessions about life and really took it seriously. I also learned that I should pay more attention with my hand gestures, engaging strategies, as well as confidence in my content as a start. I did my best to build rapport with the group and makes friends with them. By the last day, I had no trouble talking to them. They were a very warm…exceptionally friendly group.

I recorded my sessions too and showed them to my mentor and my boss today for feedback. I swallowed my pride and took it constructively. Despite no reduction in concerns for me, I did grow as a trainer this week, and that’s all that counts.


One thought on “A week well spent learning

  1. sarah says:

    heh, I am a kinesthetic learner…..so I know what its like…I did not actually excel in school until my last 2 years in university- hospital practicum! I struggled to pass for all those years and in the last 2 years finally all the 70s and 80s came out. Ah, the joy of hands-on learning…

    where you been? haven’t seen you in church recently. Don came by last weekend. It was good!

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