The Frustration of Learning

My feet hurt, my head hurts and my ego hurts!

I just finished the salsa class. Remember last week I told you that it was so exciting despite me screwing up so much…well the exciting disappeared…and the screwing up part didn’t! Every moment was full of frustrations and embarrassment…i couldn’t get the dance steps, so i didn’t have a lot of confidence which made me a poor leader. Talk about confusion…my head was going in circles and flipflops.

Is this called learning?

Whenever i get that feeling where I just want to run away from doing something challenging it is so easy to give into but there’s always that voice telling me to push on.  The feeling of getting through it ..that feel of satisfaction…of completion, from time to time, wins.

But I have to admit…it is sometimes quite painful to go through these learning experiences…

Darn it! I should say “Learning is fun and enjoyable!”

Darn growing pains…


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