Salsa and lessons

The highlight of the day has to go to my wild  night of advanced salsa lessons.

This was the first time I danced salsa in 4 years!…and what a learning experience.

It all started 30 minutes late into the lesson…and there I stood; I took my partner’s hand totally ignorant on what was going on. Over the next 20 minutes I spun and twirled in horror my equally horrified partner. I can’t seem to remember an evening so fully riddled of mistakes as this one. It was a sight to see (and I refuse to spare you any details!)

But the highlight wasn’t the mistakes I made that night…it was from my reaction: I just kept on going no matter what.
You know I am terrified of dancing…more specifically…of making mistakes and making a fool of myself. But after 20 minutes of mistakes…i just stopped carrying about mistakes and started caring about learning the moves as quickly as possible. And by  the end of the lessons, I had learned 5 steps. I’m very pleased my hard work.

If I can only apply this to my training. Even though I’m terrified, like learning how to dance, I just keep my head up high and keep on going. No point cowarding on the sidelines. Maybe it’s good to be a little ignorant or less conscious on what’s happening now and analyze it later. yah I think that can work. Just do it and do it right and as right as I can and think about it later.

Ok i think about it in my dreams.


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