a trip delayed

I’m writing this post in a hotel in Vancouver.

I couldn’t catch my flight back due to unforeseen circumstances. My family drove to vancouver and stayed over night because of my early flight only to find out that I wasn’t flying.

I was expecting to be in Singapore now but now I’m here waiting for my next flight (which I am on stand-by). I was mentally prepared to leave, but not prepared to stay. So my mind is in kinda out of limbo.

This incident happened to me a few years ago as I was returning to Canada after a business trip in China. I had to wait another 24 hours for my flight. Luckily I got in touch with a friend to stay over night and all was well.

Deep down inside I’m a bit frustrated I’m still here, at the same time I should be grateful that I can spend more time with my parents and my little bro. I will keep on telling myself that there’s always a positive side to the situation.

hope to be back soon in a day or two. I should rest. It may calm the heart.


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