2007 going on 2008

Ok I’m feeling a bit more cheerful now. I have a good feeling i’ll get on the next available flight coming up in 5 hours.

I read a friend’s blog which she summed up 2007 and set a great pace for 2008. So it inspired me to write this post:

2007 Highlights

  • Malaka Trip
  • Homeless-ness for 5 months
  • Youth Encounter Camp
  • AIESEC Singapore Workshops
  • Training Officially for the first time (Teachers, Coaches)
  • POE Mod 2 PD
  • Daymond’s visit and walking in Geylang (shocker!)
  • New Flat with great roommates
  • New Phone (Samsung i600 Ultra Messenger
  • job promotion to marketing consultant
  • ‘Clubbing’ in Toastmaster as an Area Governor
  • Emceeing in Toastmaster District Convention
  • Crazy training days with Ramesh
  • Corporate Division Retreats..and Spa!
  • The Law of Attraction and it’s many wonders
  • Canada Trip, seeing my family and relatives again

I’ve been telling myself, 2007 would be the year of Tests and Challenges…and it really was. One of the biggest challenges for me this year was the fallout that lead to me being homeless for 5 months. It is a long story but during that time I found out who my true friends were and came out a stronger person.

This year was an extremely busy and eventful year. Being busy with work, toastmasters, and a fruitful social life, I left 2007 a stronger, tougher, and more confident man. I can truly say that taken opportunities when it arose and put my heart and soul into things I believe in.


My year started off in front of a 62 inch HD TV watching the (in HD) the ball drop in Times Square, New York. Did I mention I was around 30 half-drunken adults (including my mother) cheering in the new year? It was great fun, and that was how the year started.

2008 will be the year when…

My career in training will flourish.

I become a Salsa dancing daddy.

Love is in the air.

I throw myself a proper birthday party.

I run at least twice a week.

I design my own course/workshop and write ebooks on career excellence.

I go traveling overseas at least twice with friends, and once with family (Mexico?).

I learn to play guitar and singing.

2008 is the Year of Fruitful Growth. Growing in terms of skills learned, and in character, and fruitful because this growth will lay the seeds for future growth.


David and random picture


One thought on “2007 going on 2008

  1. Your brothers and you look so alike!

    Cute! Glad to know more about your family, David.

    Hope you enjoy the most of life in Singapore and be the best you can be.


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