There’s no place like home for the Holidays

I’m sure you all are dying to see some photos of all my adventures back at home (which I have been dutifully avoiding because there’s a lot of work involved).

I have to admit, it has been and still is a great holiday and most importantly, a place to empty all the stress I’ve been accumulating…and to act goofy and child like again (even more than before!).

A Bird’s Eye View of my Home Town


My dad loves airplanes…particularly to build them and to fly them which he did. This little beauty can go 200+ mph which is a pleasant and scenic alternative to long and boring road trips. See below.


This picture above is Victoria, my home town. It’s also a sea-side city and from an airplane at 3000 feet I can see almost the whole city. There aren’t that many…actually no sky scrapers, or high rise buildings, maybe the highest building is like 16 stories. Most Canadians enjoy their houses which are usually 1-2 stories tall. It’s winter now so there are no flowers out to bloom, (which is what the city is famous for. )

And this is my dad and I at 5000 feet. We are higher than the lowest clouds. Going through clouds is a cool experience too…just go through them…don’t have to avoid anything. Very mystifying!

A Great Christmas…at HOME!


Wow so many presents under the tree for Christmas! Actually, the number of presents have been decreasing over the years since we all agreed that the Christmas shopping frenzy was not healthy for us..and pointless too! All we need is each other right? Nevertheless, I still got something for my family, rather, I made it and then framed it. Check it out, it’s pretty cool.


Don’t mind the spelling mistake! Did you catch it? I am too lazy to go to the editor and fix it, but you get the point: it is from the heart (and that means it saves money…typically). You know, being away from my family has giving me a great sense of pride and joy when I am with them. This holiday, I didn’t feel bad at all when I spent time with them, in fact I enjoyed that time the most. And I don’t feel bad if i don’t do anything else besides spending time with them.


Here we are after opening the presents. There are lot socks, underwear and books usual haha!


After Christmas, I went to Vancouver to visit my relatives and celebrate my Opa and Oma’s 59th wedding anniversary. As usual, the whole family was there with many new additions (there were a few babies and a marriage). The photo below, i counted 28 people! Wow! The family keeps on growing and growing. Still I enjoy terrorizing my little cousins…but they know I love them haah!


My Birthday!


On January 1st, it was my 24th birthday. Yah, some people say I’m young and some people say (like myself) I’m old. I think after my 18th birthday it didn’t really matter what age I was because I know age is a number, just a number.

I enjoyed having my favourite ice cream cake, I received a bluetooth wireless mouse, and a wad of cash to buy a watch.

I’ll more later, when I get in a more reflective mood, but now I have to buy stuff to bring back to singapore…which is not much since I can probably get it there and at a cheaper price.

I have many many pictures to share. Want to see more, join me for a drink! Hint Hint.



One thought on “There’s no place like home for the Holidays

  1. Wan Ting says:

    Hello David,

    You’ve got some great photos taken, seem like you have a good time back at home especially the flight, looks pretty cool! I also wanna try it someday. heee…

    Hope to keep in contact. =]

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