Isn’t it time for an update?

Sleeping, Visiting, Eating, Nothing, and Sleeping.

That about sums up what has been going on the past few days. Some notable things I’ve done:

I’ve gone to a Toastmaster’s meeting! It was an exciting, enlightening and enriching experience. There were some parts of the TM meet which I have never seen before. Parts like

  • The Toast: where there’s an actual toast to the meeting, which follows by a drinking a glass of water.
  • Inspiration: a person tells a short 1 or 2 minute inspiring story
  • Smile Story: a person tells a story that leaves a smile
  • QuizMaster: this person asks questions at the end of the meeting based on what what said during people’s speeches (to make sure people were listening…and to aid learning, of course).
  • There is also someone who introduces the guests of the meeting

For those who assumed that native speakers are eloquent speakers…you have just made an Ass out of U and ME. Though there were some amazing speakers there, there were a few who had a million pause fillers, and a few who had difficulty evaluating (ie. not empowering).

Overall, I loved it! I went for coffee afterwards and chatted with the members there. Great fellowship (even though everyone left after 45 minutes.). For more information on their club, visit their site:

More update to follow soon! I just have to get the pictures downloaded on my computer.



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