A strange pause

So now that the high of being back home has warn off, something strange has occurred to me. A see this trip back home as a time to look back and reflect at my crazy time in Singapore. It is so quiet here at home and I do about half the things in a day that I do in Singapore (which was the norm for me back then) and so I have a lot of time to do leisurely things like watch movies, reading and hang out with friends and family. With so little things to occupy my mind, I often lie in my bed in the late hours of the night wondering what has become of my life.

My trip back to Canada has become like a real life ‘pause button’.

I told myself that I would be doing some life planning over the holidays. Where I’m heading, where do I want to work and live etc etc. I think it’s the appropriate time and place to do that; nobody from work nagging at me, no parties and no dinners to attend.

It feels weird to be writing this post sitting in my old room. It’s hard to imagine that this same person was here just 2 years ago. How different I was, the insecurities, the lack of work experiences, the lack of independence. I still remember how life was then: I was a university student, in a small world with a close circle of friends just waiting, just itching, just urning to get out of this small town. Little did I imagine that this adventure into Singapore would yield so many challenges.

I will share more of these thoughts later.

I wonder how life is going to be when I go back…


One thought on “A strange pause

  1. princess says:

    hey arent u supposed to be more free to blog?!?!? been waiting for a new long post for super long… my neck is growing longer! gonna turn from frog to giraffe! gee… update update update pls!

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