An Unexplainable Joy!

I can’t explain it! I feel so happy to be back. I feel the child within me feels a sense of completeness as he is finally united with his family. Seeing my family, and all their quirks again, has me jumping for joy (inside of course, I don’t want to make such a racket).

My house changed and hasn’t changed since I left it 20 months ago. My dog is still there, but older and slower. My little bro is taller…a lot taller than me but still strange. The house has been repainted and there has been some renovations as well as new furniture.

Yet I can’t help but feel so happy to be here! This feeling of being home home has disappeared since I started working in Singapore. And oh my gosh, it is so QUIET here!!! I’m used to hearing the sound of cars rush by and the constant buzz of people and cars and buses. But this is Victoria, Canada, my home, my quiet and safe home.

I’ve never quite understood why we say that…until now.

God bless my home and my family.


One thought on “An Unexplainable Joy!

  1. i can imagine but not truly appreciate the joy described since i never really away from home for any long while than occasional holidays!

    yet u noe… the way u exclaim about in ur sentences of this joy post, i cannot but feel infected by that happy bug from so far away canada too that perhaps gave me a thought here in the frenetic sg! i can also make my family feel really happy this xmas like never b4!!!

    haaa! haf loads of outrageous fun and we speak again… ^o~


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