A great finish to the week!

Today was a real breakthrough; I ran a 10K marathon. Ok when I mention I ran the 10K marathon, some people laugh because they think it’s not a challenge. It won’t be so funny if they are running it. The journey to the 10k was not funny. Even before the race, twice a week I would go running 2k, then 4, then 6, and finally 8k. Each time I ran was torture. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to finish the 10k without stopping. But thankfully, I was in great shape for the race, and I made it through to the end relaxed, energetic, with relatively little pain…and without stopping! What helped was the cheering from the sides, the beautiful and cool weather, and the motivation when I passed people!! Hehe. I had so much fun! I’ll have to do more run’s in the future.

I was going to write more, like about the special speaker on Sunday, but I have to coach a kid’s camp for the next 5 days. I will just leave off with these thoughts:

It is foolish to assume to have something, only to have it taken away at the end. It is foolish to not believe that one’s greatest treasure can be taken away in an instant, and it is foolish to ignore that even a mighty hero can be completely crippled by circumstance.

I am such a fool.

Thankfully I have faith.


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