No Pain No Gain!

I went for a 90 minute thai massage today…

And it was so…

Yes that’s right! Excruciatingly painful!! And thai massages go deep into the tissue to loosen up the stiff muscles. And what made it even worse is I was already sore from my 8K run the night before!

Usually when i go for a massage it always has to be painful because I want the most value for my money! That means I either tell the masseuse to press harder, or if it already is hard…endure it! Why endure the extreme discomfort (i thought it was supposed to be relaxing!) is because….


I don’t know who installed this belief into my head, but at least for massages, the harder the better because after all the pain, I generally will feel quite satisfied and relaxed after the session. Maybe I was satisfied I could take on so much pain without squirming (it’s a man thing), or I knew my muscles were forcibly loosened.

Painful yes…next time i will do aromatic (ie. not painful) massage. I think I deserve it for all the pain I’ve been through (not only through massages).

Oh and I’m going to admit that…I love massages. I think the mark of an attractive woman is how well she massages. I know it’s shallow but if you think about it, the way she massages tells a lot of things about her.

Does she have the gentle touch? or rough and raw?

Does she safely stick only to the shoulders or does she refresh other parts in need?

How is the massage variation? only kneading? or other varieties used?

Is the duration the the massage too short or just right? or more than expect?

Is she in tune in person’s body’s needs?

How often is she willing to give out massages? Is it a one time thing? Or, ala cart?

What kind of healing energy is she sending out during the massage?

What feeling does the person get after being massaged by her? Refreshed? Painful? Aroused?

Having been the subject of countless massages during POE, there are only a few instances that struck a cord with me. I think timing is important too, some people just know when to give a massage to me. Those are the best!

HAHA I love it! Bless you all who have given me massages me, guy or gal, thank you!

And of course I do give out great massages too. I think it’s a mark of a man as well…get the point!


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