An Random act of Kindness

I am so inspired by the movie Evan Almighty.

If you want a summary of it you can read it on Adam Khoo‘s blog.

I just felt so inspired by the movie. Like what Evan had to stand up to all those people laughing and leaving him. Then by the end of the movie, even though Evan didn’t know why all those bad things were happening to him and he didn’t know why, but he just kept on doing what God told him, because He does what’s best for us.

It is quite reassuring. Sometimes we don’t know why things happen to us the way it does, or WHY we do things. This week has been quite the opposite from last week; lots of free time, don’t know what to do with it.  It’s funny that every time I have lots of free time, it always gets wasted. Or maybe it was meant to get wasted. Whenever time is scares, I use it to the max. Maybe I’m being lazy to the max. Being lazy gives me a couple things: a time to think, wonder, and ponder, a time to be blur (absent minded), a time to escape (to play games!), and a time to feel guilty about being lazy. During that time I wonder what everyone else is doing. I wonder how productive they must be spending their time to make money, to meet friends, to learn. I’m not too sure what specifically, but I’m sure it is something with talking about, because most of my friends are very successful people, whether they know it or not.

And even if I accomplish nothing at all in a day, I will least make an effort to give an act of random kindness. An thoughtful SMS, a smile, a hug or a pat shoulder, or an ear. Because being lazy compels me to be busy again, and eventually I will become so busy I won’t know where to start. Well, I guess i’ll start with one act of random kindness.

Makes the day seem at least worth while.


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