What a week!

This week marks the end of an amazing and amazingly fruitful week.

Wednesday I had my 2nd teachers training, the first when I actually had to bullsh…i mean training something. The first half hour I was nervous and pretty off in my thinking (ie. going in circles). After I got the first activity started, I quickly ran back to the other trainer who was watching for feedback. After hearing his feedback…i was crashing and burning…I took a deep breath and wiped the sweat of my dripping face, and picked up myself and continued the training.

Yesterday, I trained my first batch of teens. They just finished the ‘O’ Levels and were attending coach training. I taught speed reading, which is one of the first segments a trainer trains because it is activity based.  I never taught before, I taught uni students and adults. I heard the trainer has to work harder on entertaining the teens than for adults. And so I found my self working quite hard to keep attention. I talked to them during lunch time to build rapport, played a fun ice breaker to bring the energy up. Then I did my best to train the segment (which I only saw 2x before!) Ah the seconds ticked as I found myself going through the material super fast. When the 2nd activity was going on, I talked to a trainer who was there to get feedback. Though I knew the training was shaky I blocked out all those negative thoughts, and just listened to the feedback. Then I quickly picked myself up and continued training.

Later that day, I was the master of ceremonies for the Semi-Annual Convention Gala and Awards Ceremony for Toastmasters. There were over 300 people there, many very accomplished speakers. Though I practiced a few times before the gala with my co-host, we still had to make it up as we went, and without cue cards too. Even though there were a lot of important people, and it was an important night, I was scared…or should I say, I couldn’t afford to let my fears get the best of me.

Last week was a stretch week because of all those training and speaking activities. Since I am new to training, there is a lot of learning new things and from the feedback of course. A lot of things did not go as planned, a lot of things went horribly. Yes and all the time I was scared stiff.

But I learned something for all these experiences.

Trust the unconscious. Even though I planned so many sessions, it’s way too much to remember. Trust that things will work out in the end.

Do not strive for the approval of men. It is not all about getting approval from the audience, it is about letter myself shine bright!

Just do it, dont aim to get it right , aim to complete it the best i can. Too often I was so hesitant speaking because I just wanted to get the words right…as a result, I didn’t say anything. I found that I learned better if I just did it whatever way, and learned from the results. Just do it now!

Keep on going. Don’t look back! I am struggling to get up to speed as a trainer. A lot of feedback has been given to me. I honestly cannot afford to sulk on how horribly and embarrassing I thought I had done, I have to keep on going forward and get better. 

 By the 2nd half of my training sessions, I started to get into the ‘flow’ of things, like i became more natural. I firmly believe that the more I train, the more comfortable I will be with it, which will allow me to focus on being more engaging. I can already feel things getting better and that’s a big encouragement. 

Today was a day of rest…really! I attended a humourous speech competition as well as evaluation competition. Very Very impressive! Inspiring to listen and to meet all those famous toastmasters (yes there are a handful that are) Maybe I’ll talk more about that later.

I have a new sparked interest in salsa dancing! It’s been a while since i last learned how. I wonder how exciting it will be once I learn some new moves! Watch out!


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