Be more Creative la!

Check out this Hilariously Funny photo I found on the net:





The photographer gave this beggar a dollar just for being original. Funny thing is, it looks like he spent it all at the barber or on crayons…hah I love the arrows too, adds readability (like we would start from right to left! haha!)


I find it how something so simple can create so much value (and enjoyment). Sometimes I find myself banging against my disk (literally!) on figuring out ways to add value in my work. I model (NOT copying) other people’s strategies and taking whatever I find useful from it. I look at many examples to find inspiration…in vain. At times I do feel boxed and limited in my thinking perception (IE. I’m thinking within the box.) I think I might have gotten it from my manager. As a team, we like to look at what works (ex. marketing strategy) and adopt it. Sure it saves time, we don’t invent the wheel, but I think if we want, extraordinary results, we have to think creatively and a bit xiao (crazy).


I consider myself naturally creative and you can ask my biased friends for their unbiased favourable opinions on that claim. And drawing upon my creative resources, I have come up with some tips on how to be more creative.

  • Creativity is in simplicity, Make your life simple.
  • Find your Dreamer Position (read about Disney Creative Strategy)
  • If people initially disagree with you, congrats, you’re being creative. Please enlighten them.
  • If people continue to disagree with you, you are a creative genius, or xiao (crazy)
  • Being creative is scary, you are in unknown waters
  • The enemy of Creativity is Complacency.
  • Don’t watch TV. Experiments show that watching TV causes your brain to slowly trickle out your ears and/or nose. It’s not pretty, but it happens. (
  • Don’t do drugs. People on drugs think they are creative. To everyone else, they seem like people on drugs.(
  • Don’t take notes all the time. Listen, understand, and let your creative self do the interpreting
  • The unconscious knows…
  • Be lazy. Believe that the most creative method often is the most efficient.
  • Hang around boring and average people, this will force you to be more creative and lively.
  • Say “I wonder…” and “What if…” a lot more.
  • Don’t read the normal newspapers, read all the tabloids…there is a lot of messed up yet creatively engineered articles. Expand your possibilities…
  • Have lots of S.E.X! Stimulate, Exercise, eXperience. Stimulate your brain by reading lots of books, exercise your brain by talking to clever (and beautiful) people, and disagreeing with them (let your creativity save you!), and eXperience confusion and curiosity, the two magical ingredients for creativity.
  • Have lots of sex. Get creative! Hint Hint.

Got creativity tips? Leave a comment. I will reply as well as add your blog link as an added bonus!




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