Finally I’m Tasting the Dream…

So after dreaming so long of training professionally…well what do you know, it happened!

Last Saturday, I completed my first training. I did an afternoon and evening team building workshop with Pam. We did a few high energy activities and then ended off the evening MCing their Gala dinner.

And I discovered and learned a few things:

  1. I’m not so inspirational when I’m super nervous, but I am still funny thank goodness. I am sure once I get used to the training environment that I will calm down a bit more and start opening up.
  2. The Audience – it was made up of both young and old and of all races. They were mostly from a teaching background, and I would say…your typical Singaporean. Pam said they were very Kinesthetic people as they rather do hands on activities and present feedback in a activing presentation; very practical crowd, less intellectual.
  3. Flexibility – because of the audience we had to do more games and less talking to keep them happy
  4. Presence – the question I need to answer is “How to build unshakable presence with my audience?” Presence makes people listen to you and talk your talk seriously. I need to learn how to build that.
  5. Training is really really draining! Well at least for me, everything is so new, that it zaps a lot of mental and physical energy.

Things I thought I did well – Made them laugh, made them listen to me for the most part, speak to a large group of professional teachers (all who are older than me), make them laugh in an MC setting.

Things I can improve on – making snappy jokes, presence, hand gestures, engaging audience better, confidence and flexibility to change to audience’s needs.

So it’s the start. 2008 will be quite a ride!

Fuchun Sec

I will never forget this moment…


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