I don’t get it…

This has been bugging me for the past week…

A spiritual brother said casually when I asked ‘What do you consider as Christians?’

And he said, “Christians are non-idol worshipers.”

Just a bit of background. In the religion called Christianity, there are many different kinds denominations, mainly Christians and Catholics. Catholics, like Christians, worship God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, but Catholics worship Mary the mother of Jesus, and saints…and Christians do not. Christians consider Mary and the Saints (there are lots of them) to be idols because that they are usually displayed in the church as a statue. They don’t consider them to having possesed spiritual qualities like Jesus. So essentially, in the absence of a holy represenation of the statue of Mary, it seems like idol worshoping.

The point that ticks me off, first of all, is that “idol worshiping’ in biblical terms refers to other religions outside Christianity … usually refer to Buddhism, Taoism and cult-like religions which in the bible considers blasphemous . Now it labels Catholicism as part of those…which it is not.
The second point that ticks me off is, I am a born raised Catholic, and I still cosider myself one, and to have someone ‘insult’ my religious, frankly, hurts. I didn’t know my religion was so backward.

Lastly, I’m ticked off because Christians should judge who’s religions (or whos BRAND of religion) is better and at the same time putting others down. I believe we don’t have the right to judge which religion is better, and besides…it is a never ending, downward spiraling argument. Jesus was nice to non-christians…should Christians be?

Christians are friendly people…until they get religious.”

I find this quote really sticks to me because I find it so true! Maybe I’ve had my fair share of fruitless religious arguments, maybe my faith is wavering, only God knows. The basis on my opinion is, Christianity, and all other religious also come with a lot of rules and detail. I find that in today’s and also in history, these small rules have been abused, misused and put out of context. I find that people can get lost in the small details and technicalities that the main message which is “To love God with all your Heart, Mind and Soul” gets lost. If just left to look at the small details…things can get nasty.

It’s strange that I feel this way…this does not reflect my faith…maybe just some thoughts to ponder about.

Just another reminder how flawed this world is. That’s ok, it’s not for forever.


Despite all this things. I am thankful that I have finally completed my first ever training session! It was a 4 hour team building session with Pam for Fuchun Secondary. I learned a lot like audience awareness, flexibility and going the extra mile for participants. It was scary as **** but I grew a lot, and that’s what counts.


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