Boot Camp

boot camp

On Monday and Tuesday I finished a 2-day retreat full of presentations exercises with my new family: the training department. If don’t know the culture of the trainers there, it is a very male dominated environment. This means hang out with these guys can be very rowdy, rough and raunchy…a very enriching experience, to say the least.

Hanging out with the trainer has taught me one thing: be tough. In the training line, as glamorous and prestigious as people think it is, is not. It is a blindingly fast paced, nerve wrecking and challenging line. There’s a lot to prepare for (at least at my early stage in development) like material, and also body movement, not to mention jokes. It was a frustrating, and almost embarrassing few days for me as some of my presentations made it, and some fell flat. I guess I have to get used to exposing my weaknesses in front of all my colleagues and also maybe to the audience. But in a way, it’s good to learn to accept my weaknesses. To be always steping outside my comfort zone and learning new things.

Areas I am going to work first on as a trainer:

Hand Gestures (Area, and Variety), Posture (feet and back), strage presence (confidence, all of the above)

To be honest, as a budding trainer, I’m pushed a lot by fear. I don’t really see the cheering crowds and great training sessions in my mind, I see what could happen to me if I don’t learn fast and get myself up the high standard that is considered for the trainer. The bored crowds, the crowds out of control, the unsatisfied customers.

Well, life and all the areas I divide my life into, is a journey. And this journey is not easy, scary at times, but always rewarding and always a blessing.

Keep on going. And keep my head up high.

How why shouldn’t I? I have so many wonderful people in my life to support me. The gentle yet very horny Indian boy, the sheltered frog princess, my dazzling Meow Meow, the 31 year old colleague and big brother, my other (spiritual) big brother in Cambridge, the blessed drama queen and spiritual big sis, the big bastard, the coffee lover, my (POE) “lover” and co-coach, my spiritual bros in cell, my training bros, AIESEC/DOTA/gay lover bro (hah!), and my family who has been there from the start of it all.
Always a blessing.



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