A Peaceful Saturday

Today (saturday) was a relaxing and doing what I do best…speaking.

I had a toastmaster’s meeting today, an informal one, meaning a club where we usually don’t invite toastmasters from other clubs. I was a bit grumpy when first arrived because, meeting started last, lots of things missing, and poor Ming had so much to do and no one helping him. Despite a shaky start, the meeting was quite entertaining. Got to learn about my old friends and new friends through their speeches. Oh I just am so excited how my club is shaping up to be…a growing base of enthusiastic speakers. And I managed to inspire a few people along the way!

Today I finally got my hands on …OSX Leopard!!!




After a long wait, I’ve gone Apple Mad again! I bought the new Apply OS X 10.5 Leopard. I dunno what is about their marketing strategies that make me wanna drool over their gorgeous products. So after I installed the OS, i just ogled over the new features like Spaces, Viewer, and Visuals to name a few. My roomate, who is also a mac user, was so excited with the new features, he was like cheering like he was at a football match!


Now to prepare for the next few days ahead..(trainers’ retreat…)


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