How to Move Mountains

Sometimes I just get that feeling, that feeling that I can move MOUNTAINS.


I see all the exciting challenges in front of me, like training development in particular. New proposals of training I’ve agreed to do but I’ve never done before! Each proposal I that’s offered to me I can’t help but say “YES! I want!” Is it foolish of me to agree to take on something I know is beyond me? What if I screw up? What if people make fun of me? What if he scolds me? What if she rejects me? What if I don’t make the cut?

I’m sure you have felt that you were meant to achieve great things in life, to move mountains. But somehow the opportunity hasn’t appeared, or you feel that you’re not ready to take it on, or perhaps you are avoiding it. Good news! You still are! Let me share with you why:

  1. Mountains are BEGGING for you to move them.
    Whatever challenges you are facing now or in the future, know that these challenges are meant to be overcome. Maybe you have a challenging boss or colleague. Even though you may fear or dislike this person, deep down he want you to succeed in life. These challenges aren’t going away anytime soon, it is just sitting there and waiting patiently for a brave soul to conquer it. Won’t you conquer it?
  2. You are not alone on the Mountain.
    Why climb the mountain by yourself? Yes, you have the support of your friends, family and co-workers, who all want you to succeed, and will support you in your brave cause. Will you accept their support?
  3. Mountains can be grains of sand.
    What looks like a mountain, may not appear that way in reality. If you are facing a daunting situation, step back, and take a look at the grand scheme of things. Is it so bad after all to take on this challenge, or to overcome this problem? Are there bigger hurdles to jump over? Sometimes emotions get the best of us, and your perception can be distorted from what’s actually there. It’s true, fear can get the best of us. Is your mountain really a mountain?
  4. YOU are BORN to conquer!
    I know some of my friends will agree, we are BORN TO WIN! Even at conception, the sperm who made it to the egg had to fight and fight with hundreds of thousands of other sperm. That sperm was the fastest, healthiest and smartest sperm of them all, the best of the best, and that sperm became you. And the fact that you are reading this means that you are extremely fortunate in this world. You have a home, food, an education, a job, and a computer. How many people in the world don’t have what you have? A Lot. Why aren’t you conquering?

    In my life I’ve moved many mountains: going through 17 years of formal education, survived the exams, overcome computer gaming addiction, broken relationships, broken friendships, broken family, traveled to foreign countries, working in Singapore with the deadlines and the targets, long hours, the restless weekends coaching, speech competitions, and now training

    I always tell myself that ‘Everyday is a new adventure, a new challenge’ . What drives me in life is that dream, that slight possibility that I can make it through the challenge, and make something useful out of it.

Whats your attitude towards challenge?


Absolutely ExCiTeD about it?

Feel your heart pumping? Is it fear? or anticipation? Or is it Love for positive possibilities?

Yes I know it could all crumble before my eyes…but then I can always build it up again.



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