To give it all up…

Think about the most valuable things you have in your life?

Your Sports Car,


sports car

your great career,


your love?



Would you give it up for a higher purpose? (for God?)

There was a beautiful young woman who worked a year long day and night to earn enough money to buy a bottle of her favourite perfume. Once she bought the perfume that she worked so long for, she was ecstatic, and she enjoyed the sweet aroma on her skin. She was able to attract all the powerful men in the town and in an instant, seduce them to her bidding. She was able to receive all the finest jewelery and dresses from the rich men; anything that she wanted. She became one of the most powerful women of the town.

One day there was a wise teacher in the town. He was so wise that he was able to bring to him all the citizens in the town, even the rich and the powerful men from the young lady. Now she was so puzzled how just one man could be so interesting, so she went to investigate. When she arrived at the teacher’s house, there was a great crowd. Despite its size, she was able to listen in on his sermon. He talked about that all power is given by God and he can take the power off a person whenever he chooses. He went on to say it does not matter how strong you are and how many people you can control because even if you command an army you can still have your life taken by one battle or one disease you didn’t see coming. Then he said all the wealth in the world, while it may buy your fleeting happiness on earth it does you no good in the eternal hell fire of Hades where many rich people end up. Then he talked about how beauty is only skin deep and true beauty is not something that has an outward appearance but rather it is a hidden thing found in the heart and the qualities of a holy women are much more enduring and wholesome then the prettiest girl in the world.

Everything the Teacher said hit her and cut her like a knife and she could never seem to stay for hours like the others did. She mostly had to get up and leave as she was getting so hurt and cut up by what he was saying that she was going to find herself crying or shouting out at him in anger neither of which she wanted to do in public.

After a few days listening to the teacher, she wanted to meet him and let him know that he had broken through to her, and how her life now was meaningless with the endless pursuit of money, materials, and power.

Would he accept her? How would he accept her, knowing of her wicked ways. As she approached the Teacher’s house, her legs trembled and she was filled with guilt and fear. She slowly opened the door to enter his house, the room was packed with disciples as the wise man spoke. The young woman crawled on her knees, in her finest dress and jewlery, with tears welling up in her eyes, the crowd watched in awe as she slowly moved towards to teacher.

When she had reached his feet, she confessed her ways and committed to giving up her past lifestyle. And there, at the feet of the teacher, she took out what was most important to her, the perfume, the one thing that had made her who she was. And with her tears and perfume, she took her beautiful brown hair and washed the teacher’s feet as a sign of acceptance, forgiveness, and renewal. And from then on, she was free to live a new life forgiven.

This woman gave everything she had dear in her life, her tears and kisses. There were many rich men there who could have simply given oil or their own perfume, but they didn’t. She was able to give up everythign she had done in the past, everything she earned and possessed because she knew it could all be taken away from her at any moment.

Anything I have, and anything you have can be taken away in an instant, just as fast as it was given to you. Because everything on this earth we have now has been given to us, it is all a blessing. The more we are willing to give up, the greater the love we have.

What am I willing to give up?

I thought about this question long on Sunday and the answer was obvious. I opened out my wallet and pulled out a small piece of paper from it. It read:

David Liem,
Programme Consultant
Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group

Yes, if I had to, I would give up what is important to me, my budding career, my deep friendships, and my fountain of life experiences. So what I’m saying is, if it was all taken away from me, my job, my life in singapore, my friends, I would be Ok with it because this doesn’t belong to me, it can be taken away just as easily as it was given to me (and I am very very grateful that I do have all these things.)

What kind of philosophy is that?

Think about it, if could give up all your possession in this world, wouldn’t you value your non-earthly possession even more?




(Why worry about all the things that don’t really matter?)

Would you be willing to give it all up?



One thought on “To give it all up…

  1. need u wait til someone comments before u will blog again? =) *princess kicks dave’s ass* BLOGG! u noe as well as i do dat u have wonderful insights, meaningful experiences and inspiring words to say, so pls share!

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