The Lucid Dream Experiment

Yep I’m back and with a new approach: every now and then I will publish my most workings of my inner genius (hah just kidding!) – I will record my dreams.

So what is this Lucid Dream thingy about?

Basically, Lucid dreaming is ‘being aware of one’s dreams’ and then recording it on a ‘dream journal’ where interpretation (however wacky it is) can be made. WikiHow explains quite nicely.

So WHY am I doing this?

I have found it quite annoying how my life has passed by so fast…and I can’t even remember what happened the day before. I want to remember all the memories, all the learning experiences, all those defining moments instead of letting it pass by. So instead of remembering what I did consciously, let me share about what my unconscious is telling me (XF).

I’ll Just Test it Out…who knows what might surface…

Dave the Dreamer

By the way, my life updates coming soon. I just need someone to tell me to write about it. (hint hint)


2 thoughts on “The Lucid Dream Experiment

  1. u need someone to tell u to write abt ur life updates huh… so here i am… kicking ur butt… QUICK UPDATE! share with us ur experiences, thoughts, feelings, etc… lookin fwd to a juicy post from u… cheers!

  2. *bish*… for letting me wait
    *bish*… for giving a dumb reason like quality control
    *bish*… for making me impatient
    *bish*… for making me excited, den pouring cold water…
    *bish*… for telling me ‘DON’T be…’
    *bish*… for not commenting on my blog.. ha.
    *bish*… for just being you.
    *bish*… for jus saying goodnite to u.. =)

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