One Year Ago…

Hello Singapore, Dave has arrived! I’ve been here exactly 24 hours now and I still haven’t come to terms that I’m here. It’ll definately take a while. David April 30, 2006

Isn’t that something? I’ve been here a year! All I can say is that it’s been DARN FAST! If life was this exciting and challenging all the time…then my life would be gone in a flash…Ok delete that thought.

Just recently I’ve been getting in touch with old friends from the previous chapter in my life on Facebook, and I wonder what my life would have been if I just stayed in Canada.

It would’ve been a LOT different from what has already happened here in Singapore. Let’s do a comparison.

In Singapore…

What excites me?
The thought of eating delicious, warm and cheap food! The fact that I can learn so many things everyday! The amazing people I meet everyday and meeting my friends.

What scares me?
The thought that this can all be taken away from me in a split second. The last minute speech preparations I do for Toastmaster’s competitions. How influential and successful i can actually be in this world.

What keeps me up at night?
When can i move up to the next level (to be a trainer)? Why should i change? How can I be 100x better than I was yesterday? When will I find love (or when will she find me?) Where’s my family?

What Drives me?
Constant And Never Ending Improvement. To Learn as much as I can as fast as i can. To accept every opportunity that dares cross my path. To be an invaluable and indispensable asset to everyone around me. To serve others without hesitation.

What’s changed?
Me. My attitude, I’m more ambitious, adventurious…I’m more cocky (ie…self confident)…I can go on days with 3 hours sleep a night. Less things scare me (like failure…deadlines…getting fired…getting rejected by…A PRETTY GIRL!). I ASK big. Able to endure tough times (like tough deadlines, no sleep, and super stress environment.) Being Humble in my job and in life. Being more neat and tidy, learned how to live with others besides my family. I learn to be more independant and not over-rely on others.

What hasn’t?
My mandarin still sucks, though my listening ability has gotten a lot better. I’m still messy (always will be i guess). Still playing it safe at times. I’m Still that nice guy. (nothing wrong with being nice, even nice guys can bite 😉 ) I still Love Canada!

What is the plan now?
How long will I stay in Singapore…I will say now..that I’ll stay as long as the opportunities to learn and to be challenged are there. Once I feel that other places hold greater and more desirable areas of growth…I will follow the calling…Say 1 more year at least at the moment. So I’ll be a trainer for a year, when i see that I can continue the fast learning curve, I will continue another year in Singapore or whereverI see myself contribute the most. I also will be taking more responsibility in Toastmasters, helping grow my club to become a place where inspirational, motivated and enthusiastic speakers come to and grow.

Whats unplanned?
A lot of things, like all those workshops coming up. hah joking.

If last year was the year of Discover, this is the year of Victory as I start to claim what is destined to be mine.

Happy 1 Year in Sunny Singapore


2 thoughts on “One Year Ago…

  1. Rachit says:

    Duuuuuuuuude, you looked like such a geek a year ago … such an AISEC intern, taking a photo with the skyline in the background … hehehe

    But seriously, the rest of us are glad you turned up and we finally had a canadian friend to make fun of. Since you’re pseudo-white … we’re now a multi-cultural friend group because of you …

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