How to Neutralise a Seducer

We’ve all seen them: the sultry temptress, the smooth Casanova, the fiery kitten.

They are all stereotypes of seducers. Whether it is by their striking beauty, or their alluring presence, or their undeniable desires, seducers tend to get their way,

So for all those who aren’t naturally endowed seducers there is hope! Learn how to use utilise the seducer’s tactics to maintain control (and dignity) over yourself (that is, if you choose to.)

How to Neutralise a Seducer:

  1. Acknowledge. The seducer thrives on covertness. She will rely on certain words or physical touch to trigger of desirable feelings. Learn to realise when you are being seduced. By acknowledging the seducer that yes, you are really getting seduced, the shroud of mystery disappears allowing your eyes to converse with the seducer clearly and most importantly, uninhibited. Furthermore, it sends a signal out to the seducer that, ‘I am falling for your trap so easily, try again…if you dare!’
  2. Build Self-Esteem of the Seducer. The seducer will rely on making YOU feel really good about yourself that you can’t help but sticking beside him. Well, there’s nothing wrong about that, everyone (seducer or victim) desires to be among caring people, right? Right! So what’s stopping you from making the Seducer feel good as well? By building the seducer’s self-esteem (or ego) so high that he begins to FORGET about making YOU feel good that you will stop the seducer on his tracks. Make people feel good, not only for seduction, but also because it builds good character.
  3. Focus on Positive Intentions. Seducer tend to focus on short-term pleasures, and at the same time, are just like other human beings (i hope!)…they desire long lasting love, protection, understanding and family to name a few values. Seducing, in my opinion, is just a dirty shortcut to these basic human needs. It’s OK. Forgive them. When you focus your mind to give only positive energy to the frequency of love, protect, understanding family etc, you start to behave in a manner that’s in tune (and very desirable) with the seducer. For example, if your positive intention is make the seducer feel understood, you will genuinely start to take interest in her life, both the good and the bad parts. Once you start to appear genuine to her, she will have no choice but to put aside the mask. And that’s when you start to weave your magic.
  4. Play by the Seducer’s RulesDeliberately. Coming soon…

I enjoy being seduced, it makes me feel attractive. Makes me feel that I’m doing something right in my life to attract all these beautiful people…litter ally. At the same time, I feel sorry for the seducer, for she wears a deceptive mask. I know what she truly wants, I know she wants to take it off, but is afraid people won’t accept what lays behind the mask…who knows that what undeniable beauty may be discovered.


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