Thinking back 🙂

APRIL 27th, 2006. It’s only a few hours now until i leave. It’s weird not having any school to go back to. I guess part of the challenge now is the whole mentality shift from school boy to fresh intern. A lot of the assumptions and plans I have right at this moment will be challenged and will no doubt change in the following year. It seems right now that the future is not predictable as it once was, which in itself has an upside. Though it is reassuring and no doubt less stressful to live life in regular patter, it can (and uni does) get boring. Unpredictability, uncertainty presents itself an unsettling (no pun intended) lifestyle. However, it provides the splash of reality that an ignorant university student needs – Life is not easy.

How hard is it then?

This question haunts me.

Hah, what a crazy fool I was when I just before arriving here in Singapore. The David back then didn’t know what the world would throw at him.

But seriously, you’ve done well, Dave. Your whole you’ve never face so many challenges but your attitude towards overcoming adversities and criticism has been fantastic. Though you realised that even though life goes 1000x faster here, some things like promotions and appraisals still move slowly. Im glad you’ve learned humility and integrity for they will be with you forever. I’m glad you said “Yes! I want!” to every opportunity that came across because you know how valuable your time here now and the fact that you are open to new ideas will make you your experience here in Singapore even more fruitful. Continue to be curious, continue to have the humility to change, and continue smiling everyday because it’s what brings joy to you.

Yes, a splash of reality what got, but I continue to keep my hands stretched towards the clouds.

Yes, Life is not easy, but Life is Beautiful.


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  1. Felicia K. says:

    I see u took xtra efforts to add mOre colors in ur blog too, they did make ur stuffs look livelier agree?
    Heeeee… jus wanna say hi & tks for dropping ur comment in my other yoga blog!


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