Happy Days!!

This weekend was great fun. Why? Because I learned a lot of valuable skills in an intensive speaking workshop put on by a top trainer in my company Stuart Tan. I was so cheerful during and after the workshop because I discovered a lot about my own speaking skills, both the strengths and the weaknesses. Because Stuart gave feedback frequently, I came to know many of my blind spots in terms of my speaking skills (like, I don’t stand straight sometimes, my facial expressions don’t follow my voice expressions, I need to learn more types of hand gestures an extend my range of guestures.) I learned that my best asset for speaking is my voice. I have different accents, sounds effects, and vocal variety. So now the challenge is to get the rest of the body up to speed 😀 The workshop was 9-730pm and the class (10 of us) got many chances to speak and get feedback. Extremely useful!! Lurved it!

Afterwords on Saturday, I went to parade called Chingay. Chingay is a street festival that was just made up to attract tourists…so there is no real purpose…and it’s not a real street party. There was lots of music and performers..but not everyone was dancing on the streets..and plus it was super crammed.

This week is significant to you as it is the first week I have made a big decision in my life to commit towards being a full time trainer at AKLTG. Though it’s not for sure if I’ll become one, I just know that I MUST be a trainer in order for me to further my career. Actually I feel quite scared because I’m putting myself on the line saying that this is what I TRULY want ..and not excepting anything less. I’ve done so many goal setting exercises and training and teaching always pops up. I believe, if there is a will, there’s a way. So no matter what challenges come my way…what pains come, I will stand tall and FIGHT!

More details to follow.


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