The Consequences for not Updating for a few weeks

A Lack of Closure.

Yes life goes fast if I don’t stop and really reflect. And by really reflecting I mean also putting thoughts down on the blog.

My life has been super fast and amazingly eventful the last few weeks. A couple highlights that I still remember are:

  1. Coaching in Patterns of Excellence: a personal mastery program where people ‘find their purpose in life’ ‘discover themselves’ and ‘Find their passions’ and all that jazz. Coaching those participants was a HUGE eye opener and a significant challenge because the skills I felt i was put on the line, because these people paid a lot of money to attend this course and had very high expectations on the coaches. Coaching with 20 other coaches was an extremely gratifying and fun experiences. I got teased a lot (for my accent) as well as teased a lot of other people consciously and unconsciously. These are a group of people i definately want to get to know better.
  2. The Law of Attraction. Read about it and learn about how powerful a simple shift in your mindset can do on your life. It worked wonders in my life.
  3. Working like MAD. I don’t know how I got through it, but I did..and still intact. I think after the last couple of weeks, I’ve gotten a few more wrinkles near my eyes from a lack of sleep. Geez! A times it has been a test for me both mentally and physically beause of the life style i choose to take but i know hard work and my attitude will bring me closer and closer to my goal as a trainer.
  4. The Pickle King: a play which touches on one of lifes biggest questions: What’s worth Perserving. The play is about an blind receptionist and an over qualified porter and deals with the lengths that people will take in order to keep the one the love. The one message I got out of the play was this:

    How do you keep love eternal? By making it fresh everyday.

    Powerful. Very powerful. And so true. To those who are complacent with their current relationships, with their family or partner: keep your love fresh and alive by finding new and different ways to express your affection. Be curious, be silly.

  5. Click. I just watched a movie with Adam Sandler who plays a workaholic and can never find time for his family. He gets a rare chance to skip through all the boring things his life with this Universal Remote. It’s all fun and games until he realises that the parts that he’s skipping through is wasted because he never paid any attention to anyone except his work. He then realises that this is a pattern in his life. He is so caught up in his work and his goal to be a big shot in his company that he just floats through life and not looking up and taking notice to his family who has been left behind. He goes through life not remembering anything and anyone and anything he says no matter how hard he tries.

    This movie really hit me deeply because at times I’ve neglect people around me that I care about in order to concentrate on completing my never ending tasks of work. I feel very ashamed for doing that but I also know that this is not a pattern in my life. I do quite often look and smell the roses or admire the clear skies as I walk to work. I guess the last few weeks were so busy I rarely got a chance to enjoy the journey of life. I also realised I say ‘Yes’ a lot to whatever my manager gives me, even though I want time to relax and recover from the last few workshops. I care a lot about what I do and I feel responsible for my team’s performance and that’s why I have difficulty ‘letting go’ of my job. There are many lessons I can learn here whether I consciosly or unconciously know it. Balance.

    Near the end of the movie, the main character has a chance to stop his son from repeating his mistakes in life…but ultimately costs him his own life. “Family Comes First” was the last words out of his mouth. In other words, Cherish what is REALLY most important in your life because you never know when they’ll leave you.

    After watching the movie I had a strong urge to contact the one’s I care about around me. Heh, the power of a movie.

Yep, that’s it. Closure.


One thought on “

  1. Hi-fly Pete says:

    AHA……that’s what I say to Sugs all the time…you discovered some wisdom of life…Keep learning those lessons and you will discover that your old folks are not strange at all. From all those discoveries the most important one is Balance.

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