Renewal – A week in review

I’d have to admit that the past few days were a test of physical and mental endurance as I was working long hours being part of some amazing training programs (and i made a freaking beautiful manual cover!). Plus I was ‘trying’ to balance my work life with social activities but in the end, I was over exerting myself.

The lowest part of the week came on Friday. Going to work with a lack of sleep, a nasty cough and over worrying about small problems.. and the fact I had to take care of two concurring events really sucked my mental energy. I told myself, it was just the lack of sleep that was getting me down. So Saturday I woke up 630am to go back to work. There was a team building workshop that day and i had to go to office early to print some last minute stuff. I told myself that today would be a fun-filled day full of laughter and energy…and that’s what I got. The workshop conducted today by my colleague Gary set a new standard in his training style. Oh yah, the food was tasty dispite eating the last parts (oh man. im getting hungry now). We ended 1 hour and a half last (730pm!) so was out there by 8pm. Travelling back in a white merc taxi with my manager, I had a sense of contentment and calmness – the week was done.

But that’s not where the night ended. I had NLP coach training with a great group of indivual at my office. Even though I arrived late..and got the butt of all the Canadian jokes (shows that i’m popular) I still was alert and cheerful when the training ended at 230AM!! Afterwards we had supper outside at the usual prata shop. Good times. Good times.

It was indeed a fun…and long day.


I told myself, “Sunday is relaxation day. I choose not to do any thing work related even though I have tons of pressing matters.”

And relaxation is what I got. I woke up 1230pm, went swimming and to sauna. Then had meeting with my Skill Builder Group. Then went to play trumpet with my colleague, friend and highly skilled trainer Ramesh in the office. I brought my trumpet from Canada and it was the 1st time i used it here in Singapore. So naturally i was super super pleased. I love playing music. I love music and i will make it a bigger part of my life…and my career. I got lots of ideas!

And to end the weekend, I spent the evening reading “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by Robin Sharma …my daily dose of inspiration and enlightment, and a hilarious phone conversation with my funny girl about her drunken Saturday night adventure in KL…silly girl.

Next week…is more relaxing…and the few weeks after that…super kwazy. So must store of up energy and manage time better.


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