And the Irony in it all

If you know or not, im have joined the Toast Masters Movement. Tonight a prepared a speech talking about how we as individual over committ to our daily engagements, and as a result, end of dropping or quitting many of these activities because of time constraints or lack of interest.

The speech was great, but what was ironic was what happened after words…

After the meeting was over I had to prepare for going to JB in Malaysia (1 hour away) for training. I had to go home first then go back to the office. At the time i was supposed to be at the office, i was still stuck downtown frantically waiting for a cab. After 30 minutes, I gave up and took the MRT knowing fully that I would never make it in time to meet my colleagues to go. Fortunately, the trip was optional (i mean, they can surive without me), but still, I missed an opportunity to get to know my colleagues better…all because of over committment and poor time managment. Oops!

Lesson to self, never take a cab during 9-1030pm in the city…you’ll never find one. So plan alternative routes.

Things I’m considering:

  • planning / plotting growth in company. Strategy: meet with manager and Big Boss to formalize the journey. Let people know my plans. (CHECK!)
  • Plan on strategies on how i can become 100 times better as a person.
  • Toastmasters: leadership roles? How to do more projects faster and get more certifications by end of term?
  • How can i make 600 ‘purple ribbons’ by Sunday…?

4 thoughts on “

  1. LX says:

    hey dave,

    how’s the toastmasters club in sing? are there any young people? i was gonna join in melbourne but was afraid it would be full of old people… how much does it cost to join in sing?

  2. Dr.Dave says:

    Toastmasters is huge here in singapore. There are i think over 100 clubs here. The members’ age ranges from 18+. My club has a good mix of young and old, foreigners and locals. It’s a great way for ex-pats to get integrated with singapore culture.

    The costs depends on your club you join, but it usually costs $175 to join with an anual membership of $20. It’s worth it if you do your projects and take responsibility of your learning.

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