The list of banned words keeps on growing:

I can’t say:

  • Nice, and Good (what exactly do they mean? Use words like: excellent, exuberant, extraordinary!)
  • Fine (“I’m doing fine”), fine means “I don’t want to share with you how i’m feeling”, use words like the above to replace this meaningless word.
  • Try. “I’ll try to get it done by tomorrow” Unconsciously implies failure and putting in half-hearted effort and easily overcome by adversities. Use ‘Do’ instead. Do says you’ll do it with heart or not at all. No in between.
  • Don’t. When making suggestions, avoid using “Don’t”, it’s confusing. (ex. Don’t Put the Paper like this…(then how do you put the paper then?). It doesn’t offer any solutions. Instead say things in a positive manner. “Please put the paper upright like this.”
  • I hate. Just say ‘I love…” and feel the difference in your reactions. “I Love Work”
  • Wawaweewa! From Borat…so childish.

it’s 4am. why so late? friends helping friends. friends staying up late and travelling far to help another out in need. friends helping friends when they are at their lowest. friends helping friends change for the better. I’m glad stayed up late from my friend.

1st Commandment.


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