More words of wisdom…heh from my Boss, Adam Khoo that i heard from his recent talk.

“The Greatest Failure in life is not giving yourself a chance. Not putting in 100% effort for everything you do” ~Adam Khoo, CEO, motivator, celebrity, ordinary guy

Ah so true. Reading this just makes me want to take more chances, do new things, explore, and grow as a person. As a look back on 2006 and even way back in my life, there was so many times where I just didn’t take any action…didn’t risk it all to grow as a person. The biggest regret for me is Inaction. The times where I didn’t do it, and just sat back and accepted what I had. Boy, does that hurt even more than actually doing it and ‘failing’. So my mantra ‘ just take action just take action just take action. Give it your best!’

Simple yet so hard to do.

I think in many aspects of my life I’ve been ‘expanding’ my horizons…like at work I’ve been doing a lot of projects that I have full creative control over, learning more about marketing, learning about other things i can ‘specialize in’ ie. how to be more creative, how to transform company culture. In my personal life, I’ve started going to church regularly, not to the same kind of church i’ve gone in the past, but to other types of churches. Same Message, different kind of music. i enjoy that a lot and the people i meet. Speaking of people, I think over the past few weeks I’ve met so many different people and i’ve gone on different social activites with them as well.

Other insights…

I just love to reflect on my life and how i’ve progressed…I love reading old diary entries and remember how i was feeling at the time. Oh Dave, you were a fool back then…and still are.

I’d like to share an exercise that i read on my Adam’s blog ( I invite you to do this activity and see how it helps you focus your life. 😀

As one year comes to an end and another new year begins, I think it is very important for all of us to do an exercise which I would like to share with you. I actually do this exercise at the beginning of every year without fail. First, write down all the accomplishments & achievements you have made in the past year and allow yourself to feel really good about it.

Secondly, write down all your learning experiences and start to really reflect on how you can learn from the mistakes of the last year and what changes you must make in your thoughts, your behaviour and your life! Remember, if we keep doing the same things the same way, we will keep getting the same result.

Thirdly, write down ways of how you can improve every single aspect of your life (even though you may already be doing well already). Ask yourself, ‘ In what ways can I be better this year than I was last year?’ I believe that we need to have the attitude of CONSTANT AND NEVER ENDING IMPROVEMENT. We have to keep growing and becoming better. The day we stop growing is the day we start sliding back. I am now reviewing all my training materials and presentation styles and finding ways of how I can be even better in 2007. I believe that if the way I speak in 2007 is the same way I have been speaking in 2006, then I am doing myself and all my participants a great disservice. Every seminar I give must be better than the one before. So expect my PATTERNS OF EXCELLENCE, WEALTH ACADEMY and all my SUPERKIDS programs to be better than IT EVER WAS.

Finally, write down specific goals and deadlines you will achieve for the coming year ahead. Don’t be like most people and put aside these goals, only to look back at it one year later. Goal setting never works this way. Instead, once you have written down your goals, read it to at least 20 people you know (this is the power of commitment), post it on your BLOG if you do have one and stick it up as a poster where it will be in your mind every single moment!



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great resolutions for the New Year!
    You have knowlegde and wisdom way beyond your age. Don’t beat yourself up about your past; you’ve developed into this personality because of your history.Enjoy life.

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