Dave is 23!

Yes, 2 days ago was my bday.

The small things matter. I had a relatively ‘quiet’ new years eve. Usually I’ll spend it at an Aiesec conference around many stupid drunk people…which is not my idea of fun. So this year I went for dinner, had martini’s (first time in singapore) and then made my way over to a crowded marina bay and watched the fireworks.

What I feel like saying is that the last few weeks have been so much fun. So much exploring; I’ve met so many new friends and grown closer with my existing friends. On one hand, it’s important to do new things, extend your horizons, and take risk. And on the other hand, it’s easy to lose sight on long term goals. I find it so easy to get lost / carried away in the day to day ups and down, in the heat of the moment but I always need that sense of direction and purpose.

I have a few friends in their late 20’s. I always wonder if they feel that they’re on the ‘right track’ in their life…

I may only be 23 and a young face but I take life seriously. Life is meant to be spent to the fullest yes. Life must be spent with purpose.

My New years Resolution: To be more musical…Join a band, sing more while sober, learn an instrument. I love music in my life.


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