I was supposed to sleep at 10 because im waking up early tomorrow but I love wikipedia so much! That website can keep me up for hours i tell you! One link leads to another link and only fuels my curiousity more! But seriously, I have to catch up on learning. I have been vacationing the past few weeks with my parents and it’s been non-stop. Tonight is probably the first night i’ve gotten to myself for almost a month and I’m LLUUURVING it. I guess my introverted side is more dominant now as I get stressed everytime i see a large group of people.

Well, balance is healthy. It can’t be up-up-up all the time. It’s time for some down time. Time to absorb what’s happened and time to plan for the next BIG and crazy thing…

Here’s some big idea’s on my mind…

  • I need to create something….AIESEC Days Round 2 – umm Chinese New Year!
  • More Non AIESEC Activity…like complete my CC in Toastmasters. Gotta do that soon!
  • Planning the next 6 months…because in July my VISA expires and I have to choose where I want to live. Right now I want to work in the same company but in another country for short term (3 months) and do that a few times. Gotta shake it a bit.
  • Start planning long term…making my business plan. Start taking more risks!!
  • Play Music in a band! I got my trumpet here, gotta do something with it.
  • Play more badminton. Play more single’s games.
  • Take work more seriously. I can be a lot better and more influential at work. Just follow my passions. I like designing things, like finding on concept and making it look even more funkier. That being said, I like design…whether it’s art, or a product or a business. I like to put my ideas on paper and dreaming about how it would look like.
  • To open up more personally, I think I’ve gotten ‘closed’ again since i’ve gotten settled in Singapore, time to be curious again. Do new things, take risks, take more action!
  • Improve my Mandarin…still have that belief that I can’t speak when actually I’m pretty fluent in it if i think hard enough and not revert to english so easily.

Things that I’m happy about in my life

  • My work. I didn’t realize how lucky I am to be in this position: a job right out of uni, international, in a developed country, culturally rich, career related, challenging, lots of freedom, an honest and supportive manager who i can talk anything with, amazing and inspirationally bosses, strong international career advancements…not a bad training ground afterall…
  • My friends. I do have a small group of very good friends. I do owe them a lot for making me laugh and keeping me up late with our conversations. I owe them for opening up to me, so i will do the same. I will spend more time with them.
  • Food. I dunno what it is about Singapore…Darn I love the food! Virtually every meal i’ve today has been bliss. From prata and kopi in the morning, mix veg rice for lunch and char kuay tiao for dinner…im in eating heaven! More food!!
  • Focus and direction. Even though it’s not crystal clear, at least i have some idea where i want to head in life. I WILL NEVER settle for 2nd best, I MUST live it MY way! And the fact that i dont have a clear vision only means that I must strive to make it more detailed and stronger thus giving me even more drive in life.

Ok I’m still not tired yet and i have to wake up in 6 hours for work…darn it. That’s what happens if you don’t blog for long periods of time.


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