MSN Names – small glimps into a life

Here is what my MSN contacts are saying:

-what women want…
-What’s that smell? It smells like…conspiracy
-Too close for Confort
-AIESEC SIP NLDS 9-12 Dec…Join us!
-Book your tickets to AIESEC in Singapore NLDS!
-My Co. Outlook is down
-have a great weekend and stay out of trouble!
-4 interns in victoria! Emil 4, Chris 3
-on the cutting edge of Flirtation
-it’s that time of the year…LCPe who you gonna be?
-Most Persistant Dog
-When I fall in love with you.
-stroopwafles el exito
-apperciate what you have, because nothing lasts forever
-in 3 years…
-Biochem’s bitch
-we pay to work for stress…

For some reason in the world today, people have become very protective about their personal lives…and at the same time they project little intimate detail in THE OPEN …on MSN for all to SEE…in hopes that someone will notice their quiet plee for someone to relate their experiences to. Oh the personal protection on msn…priceless.

It’s true, and you know it.


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