No I do not have any relations to this woman but she is non other that the very talented Ruby Pan who packs an array of impressingly authentic english accents. All these voice actors and comedians (ie. my Idol Russel Peters) who can mimic so many different types of accents only shows that they have a heightened awareness of their own culture as well as other cultures.

You know, I never realized how aware people are of accents in Singapore. Everyday at work I notice and people notice the unique way one speaks…and of course its a perfect chance to crack a joke or practice one’s imitation of the other. I found that it’s a great way to open a conversation: “(in a distinguished voice) oh hello, how are you?” or “Hey dude, wussup!?” I dont know how to feel if someone is ‘imitating’ my accent. I can sort of tell but most of the attemps that i’ve seen by my colleges are quite…embarrasing actually. If someone came up to you and started imitating YOUR accent, how would you feel? because I imitate people’s voices all the time, not to insult them or be racist towards them, but because I am facinated by their background…and its a good laugh too. Also, for those people who have studied NLP, you can ‘build rapport’ with people by imitating their accents (subtly or overly obvious).

Another thing I noticed…which my co-worker (Lou) pointed out to me is, that my desk is a frequent stop for people who don’t have anything better to do (than to bug me!). She said I was very popular with everyone in the office. One reason of this could be because my desk position is very ‘accessible’ to the office staff, or another reason is because I actually pay attention to all the people who talk to me (being a curtious canadian and all..) or maybe is it because I’m a foreigner and there’s always something interesting to talk about or joke about. Sometimes it gets a bit out of hand as i frequently get ‘kidnapped’ by certain group of individuals (ahem trainers) and forced to undergo ‘special treatment’ in their offices…I even wonder how i can keep up with my growing amount of work.

Yet even with the growing number of training workshops in the coming weeks (which means longer hours at work) I still have time to dream. Dream is what can perk me up when I’m down or make me super motivated to succeed when i’m feeling like a ‘sotong’. Dreaming reminds me that there is always more to life than accepting the status quo. Dreaming gets me into that resourceful state even when i’m super stressed out. I think many people give up on dreaming because many times through out their lives they’ve had dreams shattered and have reinforce the belief that they don’t deserve another chance at something more. Sometimes I’m afraid that perhaps after many years working for something or someone I don’t really find passion for, I’ll become complacent in a life of complacency. I’ve seen it so many times in older people…scary stuff. It’s scary stuff that when we grow older, we lose the ability to dream like when we were younger.

So keep on dreaming.

For the Dreamers: Find what you love. Watch this Inspiration video from Steve Jobs.

And in the words of the great man from Apple, “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.”



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