Ok Quick update…err i won a speech competition yesterday hehe..it wasn’t so hard considering how much i suffered perparing it over the last 3 weeks…but now the suffering continues for another 3 weeks until the next level competition starts.

In the meantime in between work im organising this:

How to Find out how much AIESEC Singapore has GROWN?

Discover it at during AIESEC Days!

@Singapore has over 50 AIESEC trainees at one time. There are well over 100 working AIESECer if you include trainees that have been signed on for longer contracts, and also alumni. Very few AIESEC countries can claim such a high concentration of interns in such a small area. Yet there hasn’t been an event which has attracted ALL @Singapore interns and members and alumni. Alumni’s aren’t aware of how the organisation has grown since leaving as an active member.

The solution is AIESEC Days #1: Theme: Deepavali Dancing!

What: Learn Indian dances, watch the street parade and dance the night away enjoying Indian music at the open air concert.

Why? To CONNECT and to CONTRIBUTE back to the organisation. To make @exchanges even more LIFE CHANGING.

When: Saturday 14th October, 2006, afternoon and evening.

Where: Little India

Goal: 40 interns, (both dhl, and non dhl), 75 members, and 15 alumni. 130 TOTAL!

More info? Call/email the person who sent you this email.

Spead the word and come join the movement, let’s make this an EXPERIENCE to remember!


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