Have you ever Dared to Dream about something you thought was impossible to achieve? Did you feel that you were too young to take the challenge on? Or maybe lacked experience or money?

We go through our lives making decisions based on what we believe can be done. University students may believe that having a degree will get them a better job. Fresh graduates may believe that working in big corporations will give them a better platform to start their careers off. Some may feel that starting their own business the way to job stability. Some people may believe that success is out of their control.

When it comes to work, I’ve discovered that many people, especially from our parent’s generation, have this mind-set that you need to first work hard, save money until retirement and then do what you love during retirement. I’ve found out that it’s extremely difficult to work towards ‘retirement’ when you don’t love what you do…in other words…Why wait until retirement? Can we dare to dream that we can do what we love until retirement…and then keep on doing what we love?

I read an article about fresh graduates in Taiwan who kept on switching jobs as soon as the slightest sign of stress popped up at work. These young adults aged 20-25 were branded by the older generation as the “Strawberry Generation” because they would ‘bruise’ easily. An older worker commented that the young people did not know the meaning of hard work because of their sheltered upbringing. Are young people afraid of getting ‘down and dirty’ in their jobs? Perhaps. However, if you are those forturtunate to be in a career which gives you passion, then working ‘down and dirty’ doesn’t imply that the work is hard.

I’ve learned that even though at times I have to do work I don’t like (ex. admin, data entry work) I always strive to do more what I enjoy in my job …so my job is always evolving. Never except mediocracy.


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