Push the limit

Absolutely blinding! That is what I feel the pace is like here in Singapore. Everyone I’ve talked to had said that time passes so fast while you stay on this island. Its true, when you’re working long days non stop day in and day out time just flies by.

My most crazy accomplishment yet: working a 19 hour day! God!

But seriously, finding a work/life balance is harder that it looks when you factor in job security, company culture, workload and your own personal goals. For me, I’m happy almost all the time I work long hours (even thought i can be quite stressful) because I’ve set goals to work up to.

I wouldn’t mind a bit more sleep and a bit more play though. Trying not to crash ‘n burn. But like when I started off as LCP, I worked crazy hours then things calmed down a bit into a groove. Hope thats the case here.


2 thoughts on “

  1. emil says:

    while i seem to get too much sleep and play and not enough work, haha.. speaking about my enthusiasm curve!

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